Review: Innisfree Serum CC Cream in ‘cover’



I can’t tell you how tired I am as I’m writing this review. So sorry in advance for any typos :) We’ve been preparing for our gallery show, coming up in a week, so it’s been a scramble and a half trying to get everything finished. But I miss posting reviews for you guys, and it helps me wind down!

So today, I’m reviewing a CC cream by the brand Innisfree. I think a lot of the products they make are better for your skin since they are free of paraben, dioxane, colors, mineral oil, and they don’t practice animal cruelty. Yay! If I were to compare it to a more familiar brand, I’d say it’s close to Origins.

So this is a CC cream, which apparently has more skin care benefits than bb creams and it also tends to address issues like redness or discoloration. Despite that, cc creams often have less coverage. Here is a description I found for the Serum CC Cream by Innisfree:

Green tea extract, mandarin peel extract, camellia leaf extract, adenosine, niacin amide

Contains skin care moisturizing ingredient 52% to create healthy and illuminating skin

Skin tone cover powder covers skin flaws naturally and creates energetic skin color

Fits to skin tightly to create moisture veil and remain moisture for hours


Not the best English, but you get the idea.


You get a good amount for the price. I payed $15, and I got more in this tube than I did in the $40 tube of Dr. Jart BB cream I bought. It has a pump dispenser, which is nice because it keeps the product fresh and germ free. The cream has SPF [35] though I still advise using either sunscreen or another product with sunscreen underneath because a layer of makeup might be too thin for good sun protection.


This is one pump. I need about two pumps to cover my whole face, but I do have a little left over after that to blend down onto my neck. The color is very light and it doesn’t come in a darker shade. Not very versatile, but I got lucky and it fits my color perfectly!


Blended. Can’t even tell it’s there, can you? It matches so well, looks just like my skin!



Bare face


Right side of my face is covered. [my left]

It covers redness really well! In fact, the covered side looks more like the actual color of my skin than my skin does! I’m impressed.


Full face covered.

I really love this stuff. It isn’t at all heavy, and it blends so well. Probably one of the most natural looking foundations I’ve used. My freckles even show through! It covers discoloration incredibly well, but I did have a problem getting it to full cover under my eyes. Even still, they look 100% better than they did before. You don’t need powder over this if you don’t want it, the finish is only slightly dewey. I still like to wear a little setting powder anyways, and it didn’t look at all caky. What’s really great is that the makeup doesn’t slide around at all or come off easily. I wore this on an 11 hour shift at work and it still looked good afterward!

Rating 5/5

Would I buy again? Yep! Perfect everyday makeup.



2 responses to “Review: Innisfree Serum CC Cream in ‘cover’

  1. Your review helped me a lot. It’s difficult to choose a product from all those that there are around. My bare face skin looks similar to yours so I hope I get such a great result after using this cc cream too! Thank you :)


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