My makeup table


I FINALLY got my space organized. I recently ordered one of those clear drawer sets from MUJI and it inspired me to get my shit together. Before, all my products were stuffed in the flat clear organizer on the right side. Which meant that my products were also strewn about because I could not keep it all in there as hard as I tried.


The flat organizer is kind of just containing a mix of skincare and makeup products. Pretty much anything that wouldn’t fit in the MUJI drawers went in here.


The middle area has a my box of samples, a few products I use heavily, perfume, [gotta get rid of the rihanna one. It stank.], the weird but wonderful hairbrush my mom bought me for christmas, my brushes, and a beautiful ornate box P bought me, which contains my wedding ring and wedding earrings for when it’s time :3

Drawer by drawer, here is what my MUJI contains:


Top drawer: Korean products ‘cus they have the best packaging. This is a mixed drawer.


Second drawer: Blushes, highlighters, and bronzers.


Drawer three: Eyeshadows, liners, pencils.


Drawer four: Glosses, balms, and a few lipsticks.


And drawer five: lipsticks.


The MUJI drawers are awesome, but I’d like to try the three drawer one, since the drawers in this one are only deep enough to fit a single lipstick. Nonetheless, I’m really happy with my little space : )


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