Review: My Beauty Diary Red Wine Mask


Yeah, it says red ‘vine’ but it’s supposed to be red wine. I don’t blame them for getting that wrong, because the English alphabet is somewhat stupid in that ‘w’ is actually two v’s stuck together.

So I’m continuing on with the ‘My Beauty Diary’ Top 7 kit, trying to figure out with one is best! I believe I’m on # 3 now. Here is the description:

“My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask is a brightening and revitalizing product.

Red wine polyphenols is also known as red grape polyphenols. It has reputation for its anti-oxidizing function. With camellia seeds, yeast compound extracts, it improves dull and tired skin, skin becomes radiant and elastic, healthy as blushed. No makeup is needed.

Collagen and polysaccharides extracted from water-soluble protein, red algae and aloe boosts skin’s firmness and elasticity. With natural arnica, watercress that contains rich tannins, skin restores its vitality and healthiness.

Patented moisturizing ingredients CosphingoTM maintains skin’s natural state of healthiness. It hydrates and locks moisture, restores skin’s softness and smoothness.

Does not contains Paraben preservatives, alcohol or fluorescent agents.”

That sure sounds like it would work. And no, the mask doesn’t contain alcohol, but it does contain ingredients that you would find in wine [yeast, fruits, etc]



Making stupid faces to distract from how stupid I actually look. The mask fits okay, But I like to rip the sides of the nose a little bit since my nose sticks out too far and lifts the mask off my cheeks. The eye-holes are pretty small, but it still fits okay. The masks smells exactly like wine! I thought maybe the ingredients fermented in the packet, but it might be an added fragrance because it wasn’t bubbly at all. There was a ton of essence left in the packet, as is usual with this brand. I just apply with my fingers at a different time so it isn’t wasted.



Before and after! It’s a bit hard to notice the difference, [other than some redness disappearing] but this mask actually worked really well. My skin in the before picture was ultra-dry and crusty from a long day at work. I actually ran out the door that morning without putting on any moisturizer so my skin hated me. The mask made my skin super-soft and moisturized. It felt like the day was wiped away and I got a second chance to start it right :> It wasn’t sticky or greasy, and it absorbed quickly. So this mask was a win for me!

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy again? Yus!


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