Review: Skinfood Super Butter Multi-Cream


This is another product from my recent haul that I bought due to lack of reviews. I think the is a new product, but It’s so hard to find any info on that I’m not really sure. Nonetheless I wanted to try it, partly because of the ingredients, partially because it looks like a container of European butter.


Kinda cute!  I have a soft spot for european butter because one of my favorite breakfast growing up was a slice of french bread with a bit of french unsalted butter and a slice of prosciutto. Could’ve lived on that stuff! Back to the review :3


Main ingredients include Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, Coconut Butter, Macadamia Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, and a few other oils as well. This products is meant for face and body; it is essentially a solidified mash-up of moisturizing oils so it’s fairly heavy.


The label lifts off to reveal a rubber spatula! However I the label is just a thick paper and I kind of wish it were plastic. It also falls off easily [so does the lid] so if you plan to keep this in a bag or travel with it, it will need to be rubber-banded.


The spatula is pretty cool, it’s made from a flexible silicone.


When you first open the package, the product is sealed with foil.


I obviously used it a bit before reviewing, to give a better opinion. The product has a weird smell that I don’t like much; kind of like a sweet play-doh smell.


Use the spatula to scrape some product out. The texture is smooth and soft, not hard to get on the spatula.


Spreading it on skin, it looks almost exactly like coconut oil. You need very little product to cover a lot of area.


Spreading it on, it is VERY shiny. But it actually absorbs really well, which makes for a great nighttime treatment for your face, body, etc. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your face during the day, though. It can be a little too heavy to wear under makeup.

Overall, I actually like this product a lot. It really is a multi-cream in that it has a ton of uses. My favorites are: To use as a moisturizing face mask, as a nighttime face cream when my skin is really dry, as a lip balm, hand salve, on my elbows and knees, and as a foot mask [spread liberally and throw on socks before bed!]. It was only $15 and I think it’ll last me a while; at least until I can recover my skin from all this winter dryness : )

Rating: 4/5

Would I buy again? It might be too heavy to use during warmer months, but I like it for right now!


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