For the pear-shaped gal: How to dress for your shape fashionably!


All-right, my pear-esque ladies. It can be hard to dress for your shape, right? And I’m not talking about hiding that fabulous ass. I’m talking accentuation. I too often see tutorials on how to hide your hips and it strikes me as very odd because I looooove having hips. What I don’t love? Finding pants that fit my waist and my thighs both. Or skirts that get hiked up a little too high because no one expected an ass like that to be filling it out. My measurements are a little nuts- 38, 34, 48. So, pants that have a 34 waist might not have enough wiggle room for my legs. So I have to go bigger in my waist, then bunch up my pants with a belt, or just yank them up all day long. Yeah, you know you have the same problem. I also find that the tutorials on how to dress a pear shape are super matronly looking. Or office chic. But what about badass street wear? Or a shout-out to all the Bohemian ladies? We need this stuff, guys! So lets look at a few example, and why I picked out the pieces that I did. Starting with the photo above!

-Crop Tops! Yes, plus size women SHOULD wear crop tops more often. The key is to wear them with high waisted bottoms so that it sits at a typically less lumpy part of the body- right between the belly button and your chest. Busty girls should definitely stick with tighter fits, as opposed to the very popular loose crop top. You’ll thank me later when your DD’s aren’t pulling your shirt up to your neck! Top from H&M

-Flowing skirts! Tight-fitting body con skirts are NOT your best friend. Many plus sized woman can pull it off beautifully, but for the pears, we should balance out the the thickness of our thighs vs our calves. Pencil skirts, skater skirts, and tulle skirts are all perfect for doing just that! Skirt from H&M

-Skin-bearing heels! The best shoes for our shape are ones that lengthen the leg. Therefore, having a chunky bootie at the end of a thick leg might not accentuate your curves the way you want them to. So when wearing heels, try something that doesn’t hide your ankles; Peep-toes, sandal heels, cage heels, kitten heels, and almond toes are all great at lengthening.

-SMALL Cross-body bags! I emphasized small, yes. The cross-body bag is very popular right now, and you don’t want to be left out of the action, right? But that big, bold bag will sit right on your hip and bring all the balance there, which can look clumsy. Try a small clutch-sized bag to keep the bulk of your hips at their natural size :) Bag from

– Statement Necklaces! Draw the attention upward, not to distract from your hips, but to accentuate a less-noticed area: The chest! Look for necklaces that sit close to the skin, rather than long, dangling strands. Necklace from H&M


For the Bohéme:


-Kimonos! I’m so excited that Kimonos are super trendy right now. A kimono can dress up a basic outfit in an instant; but how to we keep from looking matronly in exceptionally loose clothing? Belt it! For pear-shaped women, buy a wide waist-cincher belt and place it on the thinnest part of your waist [it will look most natural there]. Kimono from H&M

– Black Jeans! They are an essential, I tell you. My hips can tend to look double-wide in acid faded or otherwise colored jeans. Black creates a nice silhouette and are a little classier than blue jeans. Jeans from H&M

-Knee Boots! These are the best shoes for the pear shaped body. Since our calves are much smaller than our thighs, knee-highs balance our legs by drawing attention to the narrower part. Here’s the catch-Always buy boots that cut off at a joint. Ankle or knee will look best, as pear-shapes tend to look clumsy in mid-calf boots or any other height that will cut you off at an awkward length. Boots by Frye, from Neiman Marcus

-Long Earrings! Again, drawing the attention to your face first. Long earrings can lengthen the neck, and accent your décolletage. Earrings from Miss Selfridge

-Shoulder bags! Again, you want your big bulky bags to sit on your torso, not your hips. It will even you out by adding some bulk to the top of you! Look for shorter straps when buying large bags. Bag from Roxy

-Nail Polish! Because it looked cute with this outfit. Shade: The Full Monty by Butter London


For the street savvy


-Loose tanks! Try tucking a loose tank into your skirt then pulling it out a bit at the edges to get a draping effect. The loose fit will add some bulk to your chest without hiding your slimmer arms and shoulders. Top from H&M

-Knee-length skirts! The best length for a pear-shape is right at the knee, or even 1-2 inches above it. Anything mid-calf might drag your figure downward, while mini-skirts are too short due to the extra volume at your hips and butt lifting it. The waist of your skirt sits best at the thinnest part of your waist, as opposed to right on the hips [which is so 2003 anyways.] Skirt by Xclusive Collection, sold by

– Statement Sunglasses! A big fancy pair of shades bring attention to your face. If you have fabulous hips, shouldn’t you have equally fabulous accessories? Sunglasses from Topshop

-Hats! I think hats are the ultimate equalizer when it comes to balancing my bottom-heaviness. When you don’t want to go through the work of big hair, try a hat instead! Hat from Dorothy Perkins

-Backpacks! Yet another back that sits on your torso. I think backpacks are really overlooked in the fashion world, but I’ve noticed more designers opting for what used to be a student bag. A classy leather backpack with metal accents is the way to go! Bag by Brian Atwood

-Platform sneakers! Yeah, this look is in and I’m totally loving it. Sneakers tend to look bad on me,somehow managing to shorten my legs. Slip on a pair of platforms, problem solved! Opt for high-tops that cut off at the ankle. Sneakers from Nasty Gal


Hope that helped all my pretty pear ladies out there! Au revoir!




2 responses to “For the pear-shaped gal: How to dress for your shape fashionably!

  1. great post!! your advice is spot on!! i love butter london nail polish btw, especially the full monty shade :D


    • The advice definitely comes from years of wearing everything I SHOULDN’T have worn hahaha. Boatnecks and mini-skirts??! What was I thinking?!


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