Review: It’s Skin 10 Formula VC Effector Serum


I’ve been meaning to get to this review for a while now, but I just kept getting sidetracked! I’ve been using this serum for a few weeks now and I feel like I can finally give you a proper review [even though I saw results much earlier]


The 30ml bottle comes in the ‘ampoule’ style with a squeeze dropper as a lid. The product description is a “Brightening serum containing vitamin C and green tea components suppresses the formation of freckles that can make skin look dull and dark, and tightens pores to leave skin fair and luminous.” there are many other formula 10 types, but I wanted this one for the vitamin C, having read how beneficial it is in skincare products.


The bottle comes with a plastic lid over the dropper, though I’m not sure why! It doesn’t seem like it would leak at all.


The dropper is glass [so be careful!] and it holds a lot more product than you’ll need on your face. The smell is really nice; it’s that same citrus smell that their citron peeling gel has [smells like lemon moist towelettes to me, which I love]


Squeeze out a pea-sized amount only; the serum spreads to cover the entire face. I find it extremely refreshing!


See? It spreads really well. It looks wet at first, but it’ll absorb in a minute.



Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be able to show you the results on my face, being that I don’t have any before and after pictures :< So you’ll just have to take my word for it- this stuff is awesome. I use it every night before bed because it leaves a slight film on my skin [not good for daytime!] and when I wake up in the morning, I wash my face and I can instantly see the brightening effects! It really gives my skin a nice glow, and it has been fading my acne scars a bit. I use it under the Nature Republic Aqua Sleeping Pack, and the combination of the two has been doing wonders. P can’t stop touching my skin, and he even remarked on how nice it’s been looking!

Considering that this product only costs $7.80 from Koreadepart, I think this will be one of my permanent products. Love!

Rating: 5/5

Would I buy again? Again, and again, and again….


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