The Monistat Myth uncovered


You might’ve heard by now that this $5 tube is an exact dupe for Smashbox’s photo finish primer.

And let me tell you: it is. Does that mean it’s a product I’d recommend? No.

Here’s why: I had the same exact problem with Smashbox’s product as I did with this one. Little to no oil control, and the silicone [main ingredient] clogged my pores and made me break out like a m*****f*****. The ingredients in these are almost exactly the same, but the monistat might be better for sensitive skin. It does leave a silky veil over your skin, but I find that with both products, it makes my makeup slide off. This might be good for a temporary makeup job; Photoshoots, etc- but definitely not a primer I’d chose to help my makeup stick.

That said, if you do like Smashbox’s product- I highly recommend buying this instead. It acted exactly the same and is such a small fraction of the cost that it may be well worth your time. Here’s the monistat:


Looks the same, right? Cus it is! Anyway, I hope this shed some light on the recent popularity of this dupe, and I think that it’s cheap enough to try it out yourself, whether you like it or not. Find it at your local drugstore/ pharmacy in the feminine products aisle!



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