What to do with all those unused face creams?


I have a tendency to jump from product to product, in search of something that will actually work for my skin. After discovering that heavy creams make my face oily and gross, I packed them away. Half-full, sometimes completely full jars going to waste in a drawer.

So what to do with these? You could give them away, sure. But how about making use of them?

I realized the other day, as I was looking for anti-aging hand creams, that I had a couple of perfect products on hand! There is a general lack of anti-aging hand products, and even moreso when it comes to hand creams with SPF.

I’ve always noticed how old my mother’s hands look; they are hard working, freckled, always covered in bandages. I admire them, but at the same time could not imagine my hands being the same way. I always thought delicate unwrinkled fingers were a sign of youth that I’d like to keep always; bring on the crows feet and laugh lines, but I’d like to keep my hands and forehead as unwrinkled as possible.

So when I began looking I realized that the hand creams available were either heavily overpriced or they only contained whitening agents, which isn’t what I wanted. So I thought of it from a DIY aspect, then realized I had two creams sitting in my drawer! Both make my hands feel great, and I feel safer knowing that I have some uv protection.

Try it out, see if you like it : )



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