Review: TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in ‘Juicy Peach’


Finally getting back into the lippie half of my Korean haul from Koreadepart! I wasn’t in the mood to wear anything heavy, as I’m on my way to work, which will be followed by a very long night of cutting mats and mounting photos for our gallery show in two days ;_;

So I thought it might be a perfect day to try out a nice sheer gloss!


I keep getting all these shaky photos, dammit. Maybe my eyesight is going. Anyways, you pull the cute little bunny’s head off to reveal a twist-up gloss bar!


The color is definitely peachy. It smells like a peach, too. There’s a good amount of product in it [I only twisted half of it up] for only $4. Plus it’s adorable. That’s reason enough to buy it.


Swatched on my hand, you can see how sheer it is. It’s a nice mix of orange and pink, not really more one than the other.


Bare lips. Ever-crusty lips. Spring needs to happen.


With glossy bar!

Not bad! There isn’t much color payoff with this one unless you have pale lips. But it does seem to have evened out my natural color and moisturized my lips so they don’t look so bad. Overall I didn’t expect much from this color, and I don’t know if I’d buy it again because It isn’t as moisturizing as some of my lip balms, which give almost the same look.



Would I buy again? In other colors, maybe.



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