Review: Bien Loin d’ici by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab


“This is the house, the sacred box,
Where, always draped in languorous frocks,
And always at home if someone knocks,

One elbow into the pillow pressed,
She lies, and lazily fans her breast,
While fountains weep their soulfullest:

This is the chamber of Dorothy.
— Fountain and breeze for her alone
Sob in that soothing undertone.
Was ever so spoiled a harlot known?

With odorous oils and rosemary,
Benzoin and every unguent grown,
Her skin is rubbed most delicately.
— The flowers are faint with ecstasy.

The Scarlet Woman, aglow with sensual indolence: red musk, benzoin, caramel accord, golden honey, and spiced Moroccan unguents.”

Continuing on through my BPAL Haul! I previously reviewed the scent ‘Cockaigne’.

I posted this disclaimer already, but I’ll repeat it for every scent in case you are seeing my reviews for the first time!

A quick disclaimer- Scents will NOT smell the same on everyone. Try and think about what notes work best on your skin and avoid ones that go bad with your chemistry. For me, a note like rose goes AWFUL on my skin. It just smells wrong. But I can put it on a friend and it’ll smell fabulous. So don’t take my word as law here; I will do my best to give you very detailed descriptions of the fragrances.”

On we go!

The description of Bien Loin D’ici sounds fantastic. Honey, caramel, and benzoin all tend to work well on my vanilla-loving skin. The spiced Moroccan unguents sound mysterious, but in a good way [An unguent is a sort of salve] and Moroccan spices are always good in my book. However the red musk was my fear. I don’t wear musks [too much like talc] but I thought that with a red musk I’d get an amber, animalistic smell more than the powdery white musk I hate. Let’s try it out:

Out of the bottle- First impression is the smell of an Indian head shop. There is something sweeter, almost juicy about it though. I’m thinking that’s the golden honey underneath the woody incense scent.

Wet- The deep, sweet smell disappears immediately. I’m left with a slightly powdery floral, with a heavy, sharp musk. The floral caught me off guard, it’s like a medicinal jasmine smell. That must be the unguents! This is unfortunate for me, though, because jasmine gives me a headache.

Dry- The musk is only slightly giving way to the jasmine. I’m left with only those two notes as caramel, honey, and benzoin all took up and left. The end result isn’t bad, just not to my taste.

If you like oriental floral perfumes, try this. It’s much better than other oriental fragrances I’ve smelled, but in all honesty I just hate that category. My skin reacts best to gourmand, aquatics, and spices, and this was just far too musky/floral for me. Oh well!


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