Review: Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder


This was kind of a throw-in on my last haul to even out the price. It was only $5 and I had heard good things about it, so why not?

The name is fairly self-explanatory, it’s an oil-controlling powder.


The packaging feels pretty cheap, but it was only $5 so no complaints. It comes with a puff which I only held on to because it keeps the powder from falling out of the sifter and making a mess.


The powder is white, not colored. It should be translucent but to be honest it wouldn’t work well on dark skin tones without causing a ghostly cast. It has a slightly minty smell, but doesn’t have a cooling effect on the skin.


This is blended on my skin, you can’t even see it. BUT it was actually difficult to blend, as the texture was really silky and therefore did not adhere well to my skin. Once I really worked it in with a brush, it became invisible.



Before and After. You can see it reduced some of the shine of the BB cream I’m wearing, but it did lighten the color and therefore is not a translucent powder. I did notice some chalkiness as well. The oil control is pretty good, but my skin isn’t heavily oily so I couldn’t tell you if this would work for major greasiness.

I’m not particularly fond of this stuff when compared to the $6 Ben Nye Setting Powder I usually buy. You get far more product and it looks more natural. Overall this wasn’t a bad purchase, but not a great one either.

Rating: 3/5

Would I buy again? No.



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