Review: TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara in ‘Clear’


I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that a mascara categorized as clear would be, you know…clear. As in transparent. I thought it meant clear-eyed, or it clears you eyelashes out of your fucking face. But in reality I’m just an idiot. This stuff was only $3 and I picked this one over the other two [not clear!!!] mascaras due to the brush shape. Imagine my surprise when I applied it and all I got was transparent goop.

However, I soon realized some hidden potential and this is now a daily product for me.



Eyelashes without mascara



eyelashes with.

Didn’t do anything for me, made my eyelashes more difficult when trying to place regular mascara over them, and I don’t like being without colored mascara. So I tried something else:



Here I am, bare-browed.



And here they are with a bit of brow powder and a coat of the clear mascara!

I wouldn’t recommend this product specifically, as there are tons of clear mascara out there that I think would work just the same on brows. But I at least turned my mistake around and realized the advantages of using a clear mascara to keep brows shaped! I won’t provide a rating for this mascara because I’m not using it for the right reason, and you should know that I have no use for a clear mascara so I can’t provide a non-biased opinion.



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