Sample Mini Reviews!


I’ve finally gone through all the samples from my last Koreadepart haul, so it’s time to give you some mini-reviews!

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 CC Cream: I was really glad to have received a sample of this because it was on my wishlist for next haul. I had no idea if I would like it or not, so the sample was perfect. It came with enough for three uses and I loved it every time. This CC cream has no pigmentation, it’s simple a white cream that magically gives me great coverage, makes my face look brighter and fresher, and offers up some nice skin benefits. This will be a full-size purchase for sure.

2.Magis Lene Collagen Chok Extra Gold BB Cream: Another awesome product. I’m wearing some right now and admiring how beautiful my skin looks. This is actually one of the smoothest foundations I ever put on my skin, I don’t even need a special tool to make it look airbrushed. Applied it with my fingers and had no streaks whatsoever. The formula has a slight shimmer, but nothing too disco-ball like. The problem is the massively high price. $60-$80 depending on where you buy it from. This will be a future repurchase, but only when I’ve saved for it.

3. It’s Skin Prestige Syn-Ake Agetox Cream: Holy shit this stuff was awful. My skin dried and flaked up so bad after wearing this cream. Nope, nope, nope.

4. The Face Shop Mango Seed Volume Butter: this was a big fat meh. Made my skin a little greasy, but it was moisturizing. It smelled nice but it just sat on my skin instead of soaking in. Nope.

5. Hanyul Optimizing Serum: I honestly can’t say this did anything. And it smelled like beans.

6. TonyMoly Live Aura CC Cream: This wasn’t bad. It unfortunately felt a little grainy and sat on flaky patches like no other. When my skin starts getting oily again in the summer, this might be a good option. The coverage was nice and it felt light on my skin. Since it’s cheap, I’ll buy the full size when it warms up.

7. Skinfood Vita Waterdrop CC Cream: So glad I tried this before I bought it. Watery BB and CC creams are not good for me; I don’t like the shiny look and when I tried to set it with powder it came off my skin. Yuck.

8. Skinfood Royal Honey Mask: This one is missing from the picture because the cat stole it and hid it somewhere. But I have two mention it because I loved it so much. It’s essentially a thin mask that melts on your skin and turns into a peeling gel. It smells like real honey and made my skin so-ooo-ooo pretty. It’s fairly cheap, $10 I think, And you barely need any to cover your face. I think this may turn into a holy grail repurchase.

So not bad! Four good products out of eight, with three being really great.


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