Review: Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner


This was another mistake I made when ordering; I meant to buy the felt tip eyeliner after hearing a lot about it, but when I opened the package, I saw that I had bought the pencil version! I’m not too keen on pencil eyeliners, but I haven’t used one for a while so this gave me a good opportunity to revisit it.


Apparently this stuff is water/smudgeproof


The pencil is average sized; it comes in a pretty holographic casing.


Opening it up, it’s an automatic pencil, not the type you sharpen. Make sure not to roll it up to far when you apply it, I broke off a good amount of product that way. The twist-up mechanism seems very loose and it’s a little too easy to roll up too much product.


When it dries, it won’t smudge. If you try to smudge it right after applying, it leaves weird dark spots. So this is definitely not for smoky eyes.


So, it was easy enough to apply, however do you notice the space between the liner and my lashes? I couldn’t get the liner close enough to my lashes to cover the space. I think this liner is just OKAY and for the price [$17!!!!!] It is DEFINITELY not worth it. For that price, go get a pencil from Urban Decay.

Rating: 2/5 [because price]


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