Freeman Beauty Clay Mask in Mint and Lemon


I have quite a bit to catch up on here. My mind has been consumed since our trip to Pittsburgh; I’m constantly making sure we have everything we need and that we plan well for our cross-country move. Thus, I have neglected my blog. And reading. and watching films. Really, anything important has gone down the drain to make room for the temporary important things. But I can only stretch my attention so far! Sigh. The eternal problem.

All this stress has led to some massive skin problems. Pompeii-esque eruptions, dry patches the could probably sand down wood, and a dullness akin to an over-traveled sidewalk.


It was so bad in fact, that I won’t even show you my before picture. Queue face mask! I think I’ve made it obvious just how much I love the masks from Freeman Beauty, but I’ll say it again. They’re cheap, fun, and they WORK. Ulta was having a buy one get one free sale, so I decided to try out some new types. First one I’m testing is the Mint and Lemon Clay Mask. I was weary at first because mint and lemon sounds like it might irritate my skin [deep-seated fear caused by Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub-ugh] but upon first smear, I was delighted to find out it wasn’t harsh at all. The smell was pleasant, invigorating even.



I’m normally not a huge fan of clay masks because they can be drying, but on occasion my skin just feels so clogged and oily that I need to pull out the big guns. This was one of those days. As the mask dried, it didn’t feel too tight on my skin like some can, which was a plus. It took about 20 minutes to dry fully even with the thin layer I spread on. Definitely not a mask to use when you’re running late.



I washed my face with cool water, and voila! My skin was bearable again! It didn’t feel tight or dried out, in fact I went almost an hour without any moisturizer after my bath and my skin still didn’t feel dried out. I think the lemon helped a bit to even out my skin tone as well. I still wouldn’t use this mask on a weekly basis, I think it is a bit better for days when my skin feels clogged. Overall it was a good mask, yet another deal from Freeman.

Rating: 4/5



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