Beautifully packaged Beauty!



I’m a sucker for packaging, I’ll admit it. But sometimes aesthetics are just as important as the product that goes on my face. I live life with the need to be surrounded by beautiful things [material, and non-material] and that surely doesn’t stop at beauty products. In this post I’ve listed only a FEW of the more eye-pleasing packaging available for purchase.

1. Form and Function

For the practical minimalist, less is more. Brands like Fig + Yarrow and Aesop really cater to my all-time favorite palette of black and white; the amber bottles and natural ingredients add to the colorless, well-designed labels. These are products you can share with your man, and he won’t be ashamed of leaving them out!




2. Nifty lip balms!

Lip balm is highly addictive. Even moreso when it has cool packaging. The first design by Phoenix Botanicals is eco-friendly and pretty unique. However, Kiyoko has a sleek unisex squeeze tube that won’t cramp your modern lifestyle.



3. Collectible Cases

Brands like paul & joe hit the design and marketing nail on the head with their various collectible lip tubes. Not only is the packaging cute, the product itself is shaped like a cat.  And who wouldn’t want kitty lippie?






4. Underwhelming patterns

Sometimes you need to let your product speak for itself. Mass amounts of florals, words, and textures can distract a consumer who is already confused by what they want. So keep it simple like Topshop does! They maintained the brand’s cute indie look via handwritten letters and lines, and kept the coloring very minimal so the product itself shines.



5. Gold, gold, GOLD!

It’s hard for me not to buy a product with a gold label. I have this frightening attraction to shiny, glittery, sparkly things that I wish would go away. Oftentimes the sparkly gaudy goods are ugly as fuck, yo. But brand MOR has their shit straight. Their products look luxurious at a down-to-earth price, and they still cater to my girly sparkly side! Woo!



6. Unique containers

Bottles with ribbons, metal bottles, wood bottles, cork lids, glass jars, amber apothecary jars- I could go on and on with this list of containers I want to hoard. Library of Flowers not only sells many different products in many different and unique containers, they decorate them with some very pretty artwork. Two for you, Glen Coco!



7. Unique Decoration

Liz Lisa gets many points for having beautifully decorated femme makeup, dripping with victorian roses, gold, and pinks to fit your uber-girly moments.




8. Fuckin’ awesome product design

So you thought those Guerlain Meteorites were cool? Try Les Merveilleuses Ladurée, where your powder and blush can take on shapes such as delicate rose petals and colorful seashells. It doesn’t hurt that they sit in a beautiful maché box, either.


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