My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask


I’m a little late in posting this one, I actually used it the day I came back from Pittsburgh because my skin was in the worst condition I had seen it in a long time. So technically this is the second use, hence the torn open package. I used a new sheet for the mask to make sure everything was clean. Every My Beauty Diary sheet mask seems to have enough serum for two uses.

To be honest, I was most excited to use this mask out of all of them, as I’ve used other products with hyaluronic acid in them and loved it.


Skin before mask. Not as bad as the day I came back, but definitely still suffering.


Mask applied! This didn’t feel as refreshing as the other masks, in fact it was kind of slimy, like the bird’s nest mask I tried first. Bleh.

I left the mask on for a whole hour, until all the essence had soaked into my skin. Here is the company description:

“Classic and popular moisturizing ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is treated to a hi-tech hydrolysis process to further reduce the size of their elements. The elements of hyaluronic acid are tiny after undergoing hi-tech hydrolysis process and these treated Hyaluronic acid elements offer excellent moisturization to skin. This substance is able to quickly enhance skin by facilitating microcirculation, purification and moisturization of dry skin. Thus, the moisture content of the skin is maximized, forming a protective transparent water molecule screen, securing moisture in the skin. Precious deep sea coralline (which is also known as Swallow Nest of the Sea”) a premium algae extract and oat extract , which is rich in glucan combine to provide nourishment to brighten skin for a healthy glow with a soft velvety touch. Moisture is sealed within your skin to provide a tender protective screen that is hydrated 24/7.”


And..after? Yeah, my skin did not look brighter, or any better off for that matter. It felt moisturized, but no more than if I had just applied a moisturizer. This mask was a dud, unfortunately. We have one mask to go before I give my overall review of the My Beauty Diary Top 7 Kit!!

Rating: 1/5


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