Poly-Pan, get it before it’s gone!



The film-photography project is a great little site that deals in cinematic film used in still photography. They are currently selling Poly-Pan F black and white film, which P and I liked so much that we bought around 20 rolls. It’s a temporary deal, so get your hands on it while you can. Why is it special?

Poly-Pan F is a 50 ISO cinematic film that lacks the typical anti-halation coating found on most 35mm plastic films. The lack of coating causes blooming to occur, which in lower lighting can strengthen your contrasts, and in high-exposures, will give you a glow effect. The textures here show up beautifully due both to the low ISO as well as the brighter highlights. If you’re interested check out this link.



2 responses to “Poly-Pan, get it before it’s gone!

  1. You can get some 100 or longer foot roll online for much cheaper but you have to load it into canisters yourself. From what I understand this is a “copy” film for motion pictures. Looks pretty decent when you use it, I tried it and hated it :D


    • Yep! Actually, any motion picture film would be great to load up into canisters for shooting. The difficulty is in figuring out the dev times -___-

      Poly Pan is not easy to work with, I found that if I shot in daylight, avoiding direct lighting, the effect was fantastic. That first shot I got was from me sticking my head in a chunk of ice I found at the breakers, so the light was evenly distributed but not direct! Otherwise the effect is too glowy for me.


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