Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel


I’ve mentioned this product in a previous post about best drugstore products and I figured now is the time to show you why it made that list! This product is marketed as a cuticle gel full of vitamin-infused beads that smooth, soften, and reduce cuticle problems. But that’s not exactly what I use it. for.

Sometimes my nail beds peel. I occasionally pick at my nail polish and my nails end up looking like this:


If you wear acrylics, you know this feeling all the more. So what do I do to revive these poor little suckers? I bust out the VitaSurge cuticle gel!


I apply all over the nail, cuticles too, while I’m doing something like watching a movie. That way I’m not touching things and getting the gel everywhere.


It’ll soak into your nails completely and they’ll look a little better on the first application. But desperate times call for desperate measures; you need to apply this stuff for a week if your nails peel bad like mine do.

After a week of once-daily applications [which is less of a hassle than it sounds]

you get this:


Glorious like-new nails! You can see the lines on my nails where the layers reattached themselves, but I assure you they are very smooth. I’ve noticed that I have fewer ridges in my nails as well, which is a great plus! And my cuticles look beautiful! Yay for VitaSurge Cuticle gel!

Rating: 5/5


3 responses to “Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel

  1. Wahh, I just started wearing acrylics and, although I like ’em, I probably won’t have them for that long. I’ve been fussing over what the state of my nails would be after removal, but this product looks like it’ll help out tremendously! Thanks a bunch!


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